• What is a Dippy Dog?

    A Dippy Dog is the best corn dog known to mankind? We bet you can’t eat just one… or two…

  • Batter Up!

    Our corn dog batter is hand-crafted by a professional chef. And is 100% yummy in your tummy.

Michigan’s Corn Dog Food Truck & Catering Service

About Dippy Dogs in Michigan

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to eat the most delicious corn dog on earth? Well let us tell you, it is great. And every American deserves to have this experience at least once, though we know you cannot settle for just one single Dippy Dog. And here’s why…

Our Dippy Dogs (also known as “the best corn dog you will ever eat”) were expertly created by a professional chef using hand-crafted batter, the finest quality ingredients, and corn dog sticks that were ergonomically designed to fit perfectly into your hand… We may have just made that last one up.

Every day we wake up, we think to ourselves “lets make the world a better, happier place by spreading the deliciousness that is… Dippy Dogs“. And with your help we can do just that. Our corn dog food truck travels all throughout Metro Detroit Michigan to different events and gatherings. We would love for you to follow us to these events, bring your friends, and learn how you can receive FREE DIPPY DOGS at every event.

Do you want to experience the joys of being a Dippy Dogs Master? We also rent out the Dippy Dogs trailer so you can run your own event. Send us a message below for more details.

Food Truck Catering in Michigan for Events & Birthdays

The second best thing about Dippy Dogs (the first best being that our Corn Dogs are the best in the galaxy) is that we also provide food catering services in Metro Detroit Michigan for many different types of events.

“Best birthday event catering ever. Lots of fun to work with. Happy and delightful people.”

Our food truck catering service adds a great element to your birthday party or event. No wasted table space. No sloppy clean up. Just an awesome looking Dippy Dogs trailer and food that every single guest will love. We provide catering services for all of the following events:

  • birthday food catering
  • graduation party catering (guaranteed to be a highlight of the grad party)
  • festival catering
  • corn dog catering for all events
  • food truck rental service also provided
  • Dippy Dog
    Best corn dog you will ever eat.
  • Waffle Fries
    Not your average french fry.
  • Faygo Pop
    Detroit’s own, delicious soda pop.
  • Combo 1
    2 Dippy Dogs + Waffle Fries
  • Combo 2
    1 Dippy Dog + Waffle Fries + 1 Faygo Pop
  • Combo 3 (Best Deal)
    2 Dippy Dogs + Waffle Fries + 1 Faygo Pop

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